A Fundraiser for Kiran Bedi’s G30 for India Vision Foundation

A Fundraiser for Kiran Bedi’s G30 for India Vision Foundation
A Fundraiser for Kiran Bedi’s G30 for India Vision Foundation

NEW YORK (TIP): The spirit of giving back to the community continued in the inspirational presence of Dr. Kiran Bedi, founder of India Vision Foundation at the Grand Gala Night under the overall motivational leadership of Pam Kwatra, founder & National Chairwoman of G30 for India Vision Foundation.

Under the overall coordination of Pam Kwatra & Eric Kumar, the Co-founder & Co-Chair, the National Executive team of G30 for IVF, Rahul Bathla-Youth Director, Flora Parekh Development Director, Rajinder Chandihok Director of Recruiting along with several G30 for IVF Team members and volunteers, hosted a Grand Gala Dinner Night where many community leaders and generous donors were present.

Spiritually blessed by Chamunda Swamiji & generously sponsored by D.P. Singh, H.K. Shah of Vegetarian Vision, Flora & Paresh Parekh, Manny Sethi & Jarnail Singh and the esteemed presence of Congress women Grace Meng, the Gala Night turned out to be an outstanding success. Emotions filled the air when over 67 children were generously adopted by the community, thereby laying an excellent example of “Giving Back to the Community”.

India Vision Foundation (IVF) focuses on educating children of prisoners to save them from being the next victims. By adopting and educating a child we are not helping him/her but making them self reliant and they also became bread earners for their parents.

“We should lessen the gap between Haves and Havenots”, says Dr. Kiran Bedi. We must stay connected & keep a watch on what is happening around us, which will empower us with greater responsibility for a better world.

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“G30 for India Vision Foundation provides an overseas platform and opportunity to connect generous hearts and donors with these needy children” says Eric Kumar, Master of Ceremonies of the evening.

G30 for India Vision Foundation started in small gathering, under the leadership of Dr. Bedi, Pam Kwatra & Eric Kumar at Eric Kumar’s home over 4 years ago.

“Practice what you preach, our action should be an example. We make choices to keep our conscience in check” says Pam Kwatra . In Feb 2013 & in 2015 Dr. Kiran Bedi was voted “the most trusted and most admired woman in India” (1.2 billion population)! says Rahul Bathla. Master of Ceremonies, Flora Parekh appealed for generous support, and adopt the needy children for just “A Dollar a day” “Yes!! A dollar a day can change a child’s life!” – says Flora Parekh.

The spirit started at the gala Night with the inspirational message, lamp lighting and blessings by Chamunda Swamiji followed by devotional song by Pooja Kakkar – a youth volunteer for the organization. The spirit continued with the presentations and, videos played by Monica Dhawan, the Director of India Vision Foundation educated the audience on their various projects and activities.

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