A Mushaira Celebrates

DALLAS (TIP): A Mushaira in celebration of unity and peace was organized by the local Al Noor International in Irving on September 12 to honor a celebrated Indian poet Munawwar Rana. Several local and guest poets from India and America participated. Munawwar Rana was born in Rae Bareli in Uttar Pradesh but spent most of his life in Kolkata. He published his poetry not only in Urdu but also in Hindi and Bengali.

Dr. Hasan Hashmi presided over the Mushaira

The notable feature of his poetry is that he used the genre of ghazal to eulogize mother, which is unique, as ghazal was considered a poetic form in which lovers’ conversed with each other. He avoids using flowery language and shuns chaste Urdu in his couplets, which is a reason that he is successful in poetic meetings in non-Urdu areas also.

He is considered[ to be one of the most successful poets at Mushairas and is popular outside India also. “Yeh Aisa Karz Hai Jo Main Ada Kar hi Nahin Sakta Main Jab tak Ghar na Lautun meri Maa Sajde Mein Rehti hai” Noor Amrohvi who has been organizing Mushairas in Dallas for the last couple of years, despite all odds- financial constraints and opposition from some in his own community- has once again proved he is an organizer par excellence.

Surinder K. Mital graced the occasion as Chief Guest of the evening

Noor who belongs to the famous Amroha in Uttar Pradesh in India which has given quite a few artists, including the famous film maker and director Kamaal Amrohvi, is very proud of his heritage. He has great attachment for Urdu and has been trying to promote it in America ever since he arrived in the United States. An experienced compere, Noor conducted the proceedings of the Mushaira in a very professional and orderly manner. While Dr.Hasan Hashmi presided over the Mushaira, a local businessman Surinder K. Mital graced the occasion as the chief guest. Sunil Jogi, a State Minister from India, who excels in humorous poetry, displayed his skill with a torrent of anecdotes, jokes and amusing satire.

Dr. Hashmi(second from left), Surinder K Mittal (third from left) and Noor Amrohvi(extreme right) honoring Dr. Munawwar Rana(extreme left) with a Souvenir Calendar that listed Dr. Rana’s achievements in the field of poetry

He was the most appreciated poet of the evening. Dr. Irfan is a celebrated and widely popular poet for his humorous, hilarious and witty four line compositions. His verses are meaningful satire on social evils and peoples’ attitude. Shah Alam is a versatile poet with a distinction. He has been quite active in literary circles for many years. He recited his latest composition that was highly applauded for its originality and message. It had spiritual undertones that gave a new dimension to his poetic vision. He was greatly applauded by the audience for his presentation Saeed Qureshi has a long literary background both as a writer and a poet. He recited his latest Ghazal portraying the uncertainties of human life and mysteries that a person encounters. The tone and tenor and the depth of the ghazal that he presented received great ovation and admiration.

Sunil Jogi, a State Minister from India, who excels in humorous poetry, displayed his skill with a torrent of anecdotes, jokes and amusing satire

Khalid Khaja has an originality of both thought content and style of delivery of his poetic compositions. He is a favorite with mushairas in America and elsewhere in the world. His picks the themes from the daily life and writes in a unique diction that is only unique to him. His ghazal was greatly appreciated and clapped by the audience. Dr. Shamsa arrived in Dallas only in the recent past. She has been reciting her poetry at various Mushairas held in Dallas Fort Worth area. She presented her Ghazal and was loudly applauded. The Mushaira continued till midnight- an indication of the strength and success of the event.
Unity and Peace

Reciting their compositions

Noor Amrohvi

Jyoti Kumar welcomes guests

Shazia Khan compered well

Naheed Shad

Mike Ghouse- thinker, writer and poet is a well known activist for pluralism

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Shah Alam Siddiqui

Dr. Shamsa Qureshi

Zohra Chishti

Dr. Amir Suleman

Saeed Qureshi

Tariq Hashmi

Yunus Ijaz

Khalid Khaja

Archuna Pandit

Farah Iqbal

Fayaz Hussain

Arif Imam

A group photo of poets at the Mushaira

A view of the audience

Dr. Nirmal Mann

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