A Nano Scientist Turned Social Reformer Speaks To The Indian Youth In America

NEW YORK (TIP): Overseas Volunteer for Better India (OVBI) organized a first-of-its-kind Google Hangout with upcoming youth icon, farmer’s champion and anticorruption activist Balasaheb Darade. This event was organized to update NRI community about relief work done by Balasaheb for Maharashtra drought relief and how can overseas Indians be a part of this movement.

In the past few months, he has brought relief to over 100000 farmers and developed 20 model villages in Buldhana district. NRI community came in great support for he cause and more than 550 people attended the one hour interactive session with Balasaheb. OVBI (www.ovfabi.org) is a platform formed by like minded NRIs who came together to make a direct impact on the social issues in India.

Balasaheb,an entrepreneur and nano technologist in the United States had returned to India to serve Vidarbha region of Maharashtra and has been working for last three years on various farmers issues. His integrity, effort and contributions won him a landslide victory in the local municipal elections over incumbent political candidates with no bribes and no underhand dealings.

In the hangout, Balasaheb revealed his insight and inspiration in his extraordinary journey of transformation through service, resolve and integrity. He described his beginnings with the Shankara Rural Transformation Project that nurtures leadership among youth to uplift the standard of living of rural India. He then touched upon his journey with the India Against Corruption (IAC) movement.

He concluded with a summary of the multiple projects he is running now, including the Jal Jagruti Abhiyan, a project that has brought relief to hundreds of thousands of farmers across drought-hit Maharasthra. He shared his motivation, “Be the change that you want to see in society”.

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Darade showcased his plan of action, covering far reaching topics from solutions for the farmer suicide phenomena that is plaguing India, to business and policy solutions for bringing about rural prosperity, to organic chemical free farming and more in his hour long session. The attendees comprised OVBI supporters, ex-IAC members, Darade’s ex-colleagues and concerned Indians.

Inspired by Balasaheb’s vision, Indian overseas community has pledged financial support and will organize multiple fund-raising events all across the United States in August to support his initiatives. “We started the Overseas Volunteer For A Better India movement with a vision that the solution to the dramatic problems that afflict Indian Society lies in the heart and resolve of everyday people.

I am enthused and inspired to see how many of us overseas Indians turned out to attend this event and am inspired by the support they all showed.We intend to keep this momentum going in the days to come with similar events,” shared Satej Chaudhary, one of the directors of the OVBI program.A recording of the video is now available at OVBI’s website.(www.ovfabi.org)

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