Anniversary and Guru Purnima

renowned scholars, writers, artists and volunteers– Balkrishan Naipaul, Ramesh Kalicharan, Dr. Bindeshwari Aggarwal, Nina Wahi, Anand Ramanujam, Narendra Budhakar, Chirag Mehta, Solochanie Boodhan, Tejal Desai, Kavita and Saheel Chandrani and others.


The program ended with the announcement of the raffle winners followed by the recital of the Shikshayatan’s title song “Har dharati kaa rahanewala” On July 21st Guru Purnima day the program started with Deep Prajvalan by Sudha Acharya- Chief Director (South Asian Council for Social Services). During Students’ recital of the song ” Jo Guru Kripaa kare”,


Raag Darabari Kaanada was continuously being sung while performing Paad Puja of Satguru followed by garland ceremony by Purnima to Satguru Yogiraj Gurunath Siddhanath on Guru Purnima Celebration.

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Satgurumata and four women disciples performed aarti to Sadguru to receive blessings and divine love. After aarti Satguru addressed the audience by giving them his blessings.

Audience was allowed to ask questions leading to a lively discussion. After a short break Satguru gave empowerment to the audience by teaching Kriya Yog techniques. Kriya Yog helps create inner awakening leading to thoughtlessness of mind and finally healing body and soul.


Purnima concluded Guru Purnima celebration with singing the Indian National Anthem,”Jana Gana Mana” followed by vote of thanks to the audience whose presence made the program a great success.

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