Auto Insurance- Myths and Facts

Auto Insurance- Myths and Facts

NEW YORK (TIP): This is the 1 simple truth your car insurance company doesn’t want you to know. If you are currently insured, drive less than 50 miles/day and live in a qualified zip code you can get an extremely high discount. Additionally, if you have no DUI’s, you can get even more discounts. Has your car insurance company ever told you that?

Most just cannot believe that the available rates are in fact real, but the truth is rates have dropped significantly over the past 12 months and thanks to new program policies it’s now easy to save up to 50% with rates as low as

Jessica Wagner, the authority on everything related to insurance, set out to do some research and determine whether these types of services live up to their reputations. After several weeks Jessica was able to report back on her findings, with her most exciting of which being that she is now going to save $296.28 on her own insurance premiums over the next year, and there are many other people who have done the same and better.

So, what is the “One Simple Rule?” NEVER buy insurance without comparing all of the discounts online first.


  • It’s a myth that the color of your car affects the price of your car insurance
  • The internet allowed for premiums to decrease dramatically due to ease of comparing quotes
  • All 50 states require drivers to carry car insurance
  • On average a driver will have an accident claim once every 17.9 years
  • Auto premiums usually go down substantially after a driver turns 25.
  • Most common auto insurance claims: fender benders, theft, whiplash, vandalism and windshield damage
  • 55 out of every 100,000 registered motorcycles were involved in a fatal crash, compared with only 9 out of every 100,000 passenger cars.
  • Your car insurance may not cover theft or items from inside your car. Check with your insurance agent
  • Insuring a pre-owned car can save you up to half on your premium
  • Average Loss per Claim is $4,200
  • Married drivers have fewer accidents and therefore get the married discount due to lower risk.
  • Credit rating can affect your premiums as much as a past ticket or accident
  • Your driving record can predict how long you will love. Research shows people with no tickets or accidents live longer on average regardless of the type of death.
  • Paying month to month will increase your premium because you are viewed as a higher risk.
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