Bharat Ratna Lata Mangeshkar Adds Another Jewel To Her Crown!

NEW YORK (TIP): Lata Mangeshkar’s voice is a gift from God! What she does with it is her gift to the world. She was born to sing and has always maintained that she will continue to sing and also serve the music world till God wills it. Throughout her career, Lataji has been the most loved singing icon of India. She has been hailed as the Melody Queen, the Voice of India, the Nightingale, and has been at the pinnacle of the music world. After seven decades of a luminous career, Lataji or Didi as she is fondly called, offers a precious gift to music lovers.

In an effort to create music that inspires her, Lataji launches a new music label, LM MUSIC. Mr. Mayuresh Pai has been appointed as the CEO of LM MUSIC and New Jersey based Mr. Sanjay Chitale as its Chief Strategist. Mr. Chitale will also oversee all the business of the company in North America besides the corporate strategy for LM MUSIC worldwide. All through her glorious career, she wished to do more non film recordings, but these were limited to special projects from time to time, due to her extremely busy schedules and film commitments.

In recent years, the music industry has faced some challenges and thus existing music labels have been less forthcoming in releasing non-film albums. The few that were made, faced many restrictions of content, disparate views on market acceptability, lack of promotion, awareness and thus availability. This situation caused concern to the doyenne of the music world and has led to the genesis of LM MUSIC. LM MUSIC is Lataji’s foray into a venture that will give her unfettered creativity, to produce albums that she believes in, to create content that will satisfy her, to release albums that will inspire listeners to embrace melodic music, as they always did. LM MUSIC will release albums featuring Lataji herself, as well as talent that she will handpick personally.

LM MUSIC will encourage young talent that needs an outlet for its creativity including budding artistes, who Lataji feels have the potential to maintain the high standards set by our legends. LM MUSIC will go a step further and will strive to bring back the focus on music as an art, and as an integral part of our heritage. Cineviews Media and PR has been appointed as the official Publicity company for LM MUSIC in the North American region. For all North America press related inquiries and interviews, you may contact Nutan Kalamdani at

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