Bizarre: Father-son couple seek legal right to marry


An American couple seeking a same-sex marriage have faced complications after legally becoming father and son three years ago.

The Supreme Court made same-sex marriage legal in all 50 US states this year, however prior to this, many gay couples in the country used adoption as a means to gain legal family ties.

Nino Esposito, a retired teacher, and his partner Roland “Drew” Bosee, a former technical writer, undertook an adoption in 2012 after 40 years of being together. The couple now wish to annul the adoption in order to get married. However, a state court judge has rejected the request saying adoption annulments are usually limited to cases of fraud.

“We thought never in our lifetime same-sex marriage would happen,” 68-year-old Bosee said, adding, “[The adoption] gave us the most legitimate thing available to us.”

The ACLU of Pennsylvania, a civil liberties union supporting the couple, said it was not uncommon for couples across the states to take annul advantage of adoption laws as a way to legally become a family.

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