Bobby Jindal’s popularity ratings still low: Poll

WASHINGTON (TIP): A week after he announced his 2016 presidential bid, the popularity ratings of Indian-American Republican candidate Bobby Jindal remain abysmally low at two per cent, a latest poll said on Wednesday. 44-year-old Jindal, a two-term Governor of Louisiana, received just two per cent of the votes in the CNN poll as against 19 per cent for Jeb Bush who leads Republican presidential aspirants.

The polls were conducted by CNN between June 26 and 28. Jindal announced his 2016 presidential bid on June 24.

Donald Trump, who also announced his candidacy last month, is ranked second after Bush with 12 per cent of the votes, followed by Mike Huckabee (eight per cent), Ben Carson (seven per cent), Rand Paul (seven per cent) and Senator Marco Rubio (six per cent). But poll results did indicate that Jindal’s popularity slightly increased in the last one month. In a similar poll by CNN in May, he had just one per cent of the votes.

With just two per cent of the votes in the current poll, Jindal is ranked 12th, which rules him out of any of the pre-primary Republican presidential debates. On the Democratic side, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton maintains her formidable lead over her nearest potential rivals with 57 per cent of the votes. However, her popularity registered a slight drop of three per cent in the last one month.

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