Coins worth $4.5m recovered from shipwreck

MIAMI (TIP): Treasure hunters off Florida have found$4.5 million in gold coins from a Spanish ship that sunk during a hurricane in the 18th century , the sal vage company said on August 19.

The ship ‘Ten Galleons’ traveling from Havana to Spain went down off Florida’s east coast in the July 1715 storm, on whose impact the vesse broke up and the booty was flung far and wide.

“Over 350 gold coins, including 9 Royals were recovered on July 30 & 31 on the actual 300th anniversary of the wreck,” said Brent Brisben, the head of 1715 Fleet-Queens Jewels. It was the second major find by the treasure hunters in recent months, after, in June they found about 50 coins with a total of about $1 million. The latest coins found are extremely rare and are worth about $300,000 each, Brisben said. ” These Royals are perfect speci mens of coinage of the time and they were made on royal order for the king of Spain,” he explained.

” These shipwrecks were pushed by the hurricane into the outer edge of the reef and then they were utterly de stroyed by the wave action. So pieces of these ships have floated for miles al the way into the beach up into the dunes,” Brisben added. Under the US state law, Florida gets 20% of the returns on treasure found off its coasts.

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