“The documentary was very powerful and truly exemplifies the depth of the heart and spirit of the people from Punjab and their enormous influence throughout the world. Wonderful event.”

Malini Shah, Founder of Nritya Kala Kendra, New York

Salujaji, I salute you. What an amazing event. I have no words to express. I enjoyed the remarkable film on Vaisakhi, great work.

Kamlesh Mehta Chairman, The South Asian Times

Professor Sahib: “The event was beautiful and documentary was truly vibrant. It nicely covered multifaceted Punjabi culture & heritage but somehow missed the mentioning of former President of India Shri Giani Zail Singh and the Prime Minister Shri Manmohan Singh.”Best wishes and warm greetings.

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Atul Kumria Regional Director, North America, Kingfisher

Dear Prof Saluja, Best wishes on an excellent event at the consulate! Keep the good work going!

New York Emmy nominated Film Maker Tirlok Malik

Documentary was very informative and Inspiring. It covered many different aspects of being Punjabi and about many Punjabi heroes. It was great to watch this at the celebration of Vaisakhi.

George Abraham, Chairman Indian National Overseas Congress (I), USA

‘I want to congratulate the organizers for a great evening of celebration that captured the spirit and essence of of Vaisakhi through a great video presentation. For a non-Punjabi , it was not only educational but also an inspirational experience’

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