Democratic Convention concluded July 28, with powerful endorsement of Hillary Clinton as the President of USA and an exultant Hillary accepting the nomination.  In sharp contrast with the visible divisions and rancor in the Republican camp at the Republican Convention in Ohio a week earlier, Democrats succeeded in presenting an image of unity, despite differences which are too well known by now. The most bitter foe of Hillary Clinton during primaries to the run up to the convention, Bernie Sanders, while acknowledging policy perception differences with Hillary, came up with a strong endorsement of Hillary, much to the chagrin and disappointment of his followers.

Scores of party stalwarts and dignitaries spoke at the Convention. While Michelle Obama was widely acclaimed for her polished and moving speech, Michael Bloomberg’s barbs on Trump did not fail to amuse the gathering.

However, it was for Obama to win the most admiration and appreciation as he spoke of what democracy is and what leadership is. He clearly steered the 2016 presidential election away from Trumpism when he called upon Americans “to reject cynicism and fear” being propagated by the 70 year old New York Realty Moghul Donald Trump, and “summon what is best in us”.

Hillary Clinton., accepting the nomination, spoke of what she believes in and what she would do as President. She spoke of the priorities she has on mind which all aim at ensuring security and peace not only in America but also in the world. Her speech threw up quite a few quotable statements. “America is great because America is good.” “Our democracy isn’t working as it should”. “Wall Street will never again be allowed to rip Americans”.

Hillary’s speech touched upon all aspects of life of all sections of people. Referring to young students, she said Bernie and she would work together for free college education and for a new set of rules governing student loans. Creating more opportunities, more jobs, raise in wages are the areas she said she would address on priority. “None of us can do it alone”, she said. “Together” we can achieve our cherished goals was the message from the Democratic Presidential nominee. As for Donald Trump, she seemed to pity him. She dismissed him as a man with no ideas, no vision,offering no solutions to problems. “Donald offers no change. He has only words”.

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The impressive array of endorsements, the impressive display of unity, and the exposition of democratic nominee’s vision bode well for Hillary Clinton. All eyes are now on Tuesday, November 8, 2016.

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