Facebook hits Milestone: 1 Billion People used it in a Day

NEW YORK (TIP): Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg took to Facebook on Thursday, August 27, to announce a momentous record for the social network: 1 billion users in one day.

“This was the first time we reached this milestone, and it’s just the beginning of connecting the whole world,” Zuckerberg wrote in a post. “Our community stands for giving every person a voice, for promoting understanding and for including everyone in the opportunities of our modern world.”

The 1 billion number includes anyone who logged into a Facebook service or sent a message on Messenger, so it’s not like 1 out of 7 people in the world spent the whole day scrolling through their News Feed – but it’s still a really big number.

It seems even bigger when you consider that more than half the world lives without an Internet connection, according to Facebook’s own estimate -so the people on Earth who could access Facebook and did is more like 1 in 3. Don’t worry, though, Facebook is working hard to get everyone else online viaInternet.org, so they can use Facebook too. Data-efficient mobile apps for areas with limited connectivity also help get isolated or marginalized populations on the social network.

These stats may creep some out -Facebook is also the world’s biggest ad platform, of course – and they may delight others. But it’s hard not to be impressed either way.

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