New York, NY (TIP): Earlier today, January 4, State Senator Tony Avella and Assembly Member Michael G. DenDekker held a press conference celebrating the passage of their Fines and Forfeitures bill, S.5046A/A7230A, into law.

When a traffic or vehicle ticket has been issued to a person for a violation, there are usually accompanying administrative fees, fines, penalties, or forfeitures. In the event that the violation has been dismissed, however, those additional fees remain and the very same people who have committed no wrong-doing are forced to pay regardless.

As a result of the legislation, municipalities will be prohibited from assessing and collecting these additional fees associated with dismissed traffic and vehicle violations. In effect, people will no longer be subject to undue fines that linger even after they have been found innocent of any wrongdoing.

Many states have been accused of engaging in this practice to generate revenue and New Yorkers, too, have been subject to this unjust practice. To address this issue, Senator Avella and Assembly Member DenDekker introduced S.5046A (A7230A), which passed both chambers and was subsequently signed by Governor Andrew Cuomo on Tuesday, December 22nd, 2015.

“People who have had their traffic violations dismissed and yet are still being forced to pay additional fees are nothing but victims of a legal shakedown. The fines that New York State collects from the pockets of those who have wrongly been issued violations are entirely unjustified. I am glad that Governor Cuomo agrees and has signed the Fines and Forfeitures bill into law. New York will no longer be on the list of States that squeeze middle and working-class families with undue fee’s for revenue,” said State Senator Tony Avella.

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“The fact that hard-working New Yorkers were being charged administrative fees on dismissed tickets is absolutely outrageous, and I am very proud that we were able to pass this legislation removing that burden. I want to thank Governor Cuomo for signing this common-sense legislation, and Senator Avella for introducing the bill in the Senate. These are the kind of important steps that we can continue to take to protect all New Yorkers,” said Assembly Member Michael G. DenDekker.


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