Indian American Charged With Drug Trade

CHICAGO (TIP): Phulbir Singh, an Indian American settled in the state of Indianapolis has been sentenced to three years in jail for selling drugs, according to available reports published May 2. He will have to return to India once he completes his jail term, as a part of the punishment. Thomas Cannon Jr, Delaware Circuit Court Judge 5 awarded the punishment to Singh. According to the judge, the accused has been using different names and his actual name remains unknown to everyone.

Moreover, he did not have any clear identity since his arrival to the U.S. Singh, who did not have any legal status in the country, has been accused of selling drugs that resulted in the death of people. But, according to the representatives of a gurdwara in Indianapolis, Singh is a hardworking man who has a very helpful attitude. Kelly Bryan, his lawyer said that Singh has confessed of being involved in the drug trade and most of the charges against him were dismissed in a plea deal, considering his strong work ethic.

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