Indian American Group Express Support to Journalist VP Rajeena

WASHINGTON: An Indian-American Muslim group has called for an internal but independent and transparent assessment by community leaders in India into claims by woman journalist VP Rajeena who recently described instances of alleged sexual abuse of children in a Madrasa.

Ms Rajeena, who works for a Malayalam newspaper, posted on Facebook about her childhood experiences at a Madrasa, where an “ustad” (teacher) allegedly engaged in alleged sexual exploitation of children.

“We support Rajeena’s right not only to speak up about past abuse but also warn the community about the potential for such abuse, that would victimize innocent children,” Umar Malick, president of Indian American Muslim Council (IAMC).

In a statement, IAMC called for an internal but independent and transparent assessment by credible community leaders, leading up to an investigation by law enforcement in all instances where there are grounds to believe the law has been violated.

“Unfortunately, instead of taking the journalist’s revelations with the seriousness they deserve, many Muslims questioned her motives or launched a harassment campaign online including threats and hateful remarks,” IAMC said.

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