WASHINGTON (TIP):  The median income of Indian-Americans, which is the richest ethnic community in the US, in the year 2013 was $100,547 (about Rs. 60 lakhs), Census Bureau said in its latest report.

In its latest report, the US Census Bureau said Indian Americans are the third largest Asian community in the United States after Chinese and Filipinos.

The Chinese (except Taiwanese) population was the largest Asian group, followed by Filipinos (3.6 million), Indian American (3.5 million), Vietnamese (1.9 million), Koreans (1.8 million) and Japanese (1.4 million).
The median income in 2013 for Indian Americans was $100,547; while for Bangladeshis, it was $51,331. The estimated number of US residents in 2013 who were Asian, either one race or in combination with one or more additional races was 19.4 million.

California has the largest population of Asian Americans (6.1 million).

The Asian population alone represented 37.7 per cent of the total population in Hawaii.

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