NEW YORK (TIP): The world famous festival of Vaisakhi will be celebrated at the Indian Consulate on April 16. The Consulate is organizing the event in collaboration with International Punjabi Foundation and The Indian Panorama. More than 100 invitees are expected to gather to enjoy an evening of fun.

A 15 minute documentary produced by Prof. Indrajit Singh Saluja on Vaisakhi and the tremendous contribution of the Punjabis will be exhibited as part of the celebrations. Other attractions include dance performances by NYC Bhangra and soulful singing by the young lady Prachi. The month of April is a month of showers. It is a month of celebrations for the Indian community.With the month of Vaisakh that corresponds to April, new life and new year arrive on the scene.

Vaisakhi, which, in fact is celebration of the month of Vaisakh, is celebrated in different ways in various parts of India. From Punjab in the West to Assam in the East to Kerala in the South, this time of the year is celebrated for some reason or the other. For the Buddhists also, the month provides celebrations. In the Hindu calendar, it is the beginning of the new year. Vaiskahi has a special significance in the life of the people of Punjab.

It is a festival that has been celebrated for centuries to express joy at getting good crops and enjoying the attendant prosperity. It is also an important day for the Sikhs. It is on the Vaisakhi day in 1699 that the Tenth Master of the Sikhs, Guru Gobind Singh created a new sect known as Khalsa or Sikh. The day is celebrated with prayers in Sikh temples and, as a socio-cultural event, it is an occasion to have fun. In Punjab, India, fairs and festivals mark the celebrations where people buy and sell, sing and dance.

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