Indian Passport, Visa updated Rules

WASHINGTON (TIP): Here are some of the passport and visa rules that have been revised in the recent past.

New Tourist Visa norms for US nationals:

The Govt. of India has directed that, apart from special circumstances, Indian Missions/Posts in the United States of America will grant Multi entry Tourist Visa for a period of 10 years to the Nationals of the United States of America with a stipulation that “continuous period of stay during each visit will not exceed 180 days and no registration will be required”. The stipulated fee for a ten year Tourist Visa shall be USD 150.

New Rules for PIO:

Effective 30th September 2014 – as per the Notification of the Ministry of Home Affairs, the PIO Rules have changed:

A PIO Card issued to an applicant shall be valid for his lifetime from the date of its issue provided that such applicant has a valid US or Foreign Passport.

The above is valid for existing PIO Cards and as well as New PIO Cards issued post 30th September 2014.

PIO Cards holders if staying in India for a period of over 6 months need not go to FRRO (Local) and get their extended stay endorsed. This ruling is done away with.

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