Jackson Heights Merchants’ Association Diwali Mela on October 11th

A view of the gathering at Diwali Mela in 2013
A view of the gathering at Diwali Mela in 2013 (File photo)

NEW YORK (TIP): It is come one, come all at the 27th Diwali Mela of Jackson Heights Merchants’ Association on Sunday, October 11th.

In a talk I had , October 8th evening, JHMA President Shiv Dass and his Secretary Chander Shekhar claimed that the Mela being organized is full of life, with 50 booths selling their products and services, and a wide range of entertainment items to be presented by Indian, Pakistani  and Bangladeshi artists. Mr. Dass  mentioned, in particular, the presence of legendary Noora sisters. Besides, there will be presentations of dances, including Bhangra. And then there are a number of local artists who will be performing. DJ Sohna will be overseeing the musical presentations and the audio system. The organizers expect over 10,000 visitors.

Mr. Dass said about the Secretary of JHMA, Chander Shekhar  that he was working hard to ensure all arrangements are in place to make the Mela a memorable experience for visitors and the organizers. Chander Shekhar said that preparing the Souvenir for the occasion was a challenging task but he has received a lot of cooperation from Jackson Heights merchants fraternity and others and he would be able to come up with an impressive souvenir. Chander Shekhar is also in charge for booths. In case, anyone needs a booth, he/ she can contact Chander Shekhar at 646-239-8803.

JHMA was formed in 1989 to promote business interests of traders in the  Jackson Heights market, then a thriving business center. Diwali Mela is the signature event of the JHMA since 1990 when it was first organized. The Mela affords an opportunity to bring together officials, local politicians, businessmen and community leaders.

Over the years, many well known officials and politicians have participated in the Mela. Among them, former Mayor Bloomberg who is a personal friend of Mr. Shiv Dass participated three times. Mayor Bill de Blassio participated in 2012.

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The organizers also utilize the Mela to honor their sponsors, well wishers, politicians, officials and community leaders.

Mahendra Patel of Patel Brothers who is also one of the Sponsors, is the Chief Guest at 2015 Mela. New York City Comptroller Scott Stringer is the Guest of Honor.

The organizers invite all to visit the Mela on Sunday, October 11th from 12 noon to 6 P.M.

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