Jigar Shah appointed Parsippany’s Indian-American community liaison

PARSIPPANY, NJ (TIP): During a recent special meeting in Council chambers at town hall, Parsippany Mayor James Barberio appointed Jigar Shah as special liaison to the Mayor’s Office, Indian- American Community Outreach. According to the mayor, over three years ago during his 2009 mayoral campaign he promised the Indian-American community that the position of special liaison would be created. Now just days before Barberio, Council Vice President Vincent Ferrara and Shah’s nephew, Milin Shah, announced their plan to run for office in 2013, the mayor made the position a reality.

In a statement released by the mayor’s office, Barberio explained, “The Indian- American community is one of the largest and fastest growing cultures in Parsippany. With places of worship, restaurants, dance studios, beauty salons, and an array of many more successful small businesses – Indian-Americans have become an essential part of Parsippany, and one of the reasons why Parsippany is ranked the number one township to live in New Jersey!” Shah came to Parsippany from Mumbai, India, in 1974, left for a brief time and returned in 1983 to open a wholesale food distribution business and Indian grocery stores. He has been an unofficial advocate and leader for the Indian-American in Parsippany for years and now as a liaison to the mayor’s office Shah will work on behalf of the community to ensure that they have access to the services and support they deserve.

The position is an unpaid, volunteer post. Barberio concluded, “Jigar’s work ethic and love for our Parsippany community makes him the perfect person for this opportunity. I thank Jigar for accepting this opportunity and volunteering to be the direct connection between the mayor’s office and Indian-Americans throughout Parsippany.”

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