Journey of an Artist – KRISH SENGUPTA

"To me, art is an expression of joy - sometimes an interpretation of reality and sometimes a random dive into the unknown. - Krish Sengupta

KRISH SENGUPTA 6 Krish arrived in USA (Chicago) in the summer of 2009 and it was only in early 2010 that he resumed his ‘hobby’ of painting, after a break of almost 15 years. He was born and raised in Kolkata, India and, except for a few childhood years, he did not have any formal art training. Largely self taught, drawing and painting has always been his singular passion outside of his career.



Krish is a banker by profession; and transferred with his job to USA. Between 2010 and 2012 he cultivated and grew his body of work in Chicago. He was part of various Chicago art groups and regularly attended workshops at the studios of Layne Jackson and Tom Robinson, both renowned Chicago artists. He participated in many art shows (refer list below) and the Tom Robinson gallery also hosted his solo exhibition in Chicago, Feb 2013.


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He moved to New York City in March 2013. He works on his art mostly at his home studio; and he is also an active member of the Renaissance Art Workshop in midtown Manhattan, where he works closely with famous New York artist Raul Sebastian Santiago.KRISH SENGUPTA 3





Krish’s style of art is realistic with shades of impressionism. He loves to dwell on form & figure and is captivated by movement and motion that he tries to capture in his art. He is fond of large bold brush strokes, texture and artistic play with the background. He says that he is still trying to find his personal style and until he gets there, everything that he creates is an experiment.


In this painting that is presented at the show, “The Ballerina”, he has tried to emphasize the motion and drift of the two bodies as well as the wind catching the drape in the background. The ballerina girl is the central subject, the grace and swing of her body is conveying the mood & music as she is about to be ‘swept off her feet’ by her partner and the (imaginary) wind.

Shows & Exhibitions:KRISH SENGUPTA 2

  • Drawing Attention II, Chicago – June 2011
  • Full Spectrum Art Show, Chicago – June 2011
  • Drawing Attention III, Chicago – June 2012
  • Naked July Art Show, Chicago – July 2012
  • Art & Friends, Solo Art Show, Chicago – Feb 2013
  • Drawing Attention IV, Chicago – June – 2013
  • Renaissance Workshop Art Show, New York – June 2014

Krish Sengupta is based in New Jersey. He can be reached at


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