Liu hails Judge Shira Scheindlin’s January 8 Stop-and-Frisk Ruling

NEW YORK, NY (TIP): Comptroller John C. Liu has hailed federal Judge Shira Scheindlin’s ruling, January 8, on Stop-and-Frisk. Liu, who has been fighting for the rights of common people, particularly the immigrants, said in a statement, “Judge Scheindlin today (January 8) ruled what many of us already felt in our hearts – that police subjecting so many people to ‘stop and frisk,’ almost all of whom did nothing wrong, is unbecoming of the free and democratic society that New York City represents. On this basis alone, even without addressing the racial profiling nature of NYPD stop and frisk, the practice must be abolished. It’s time to restore trust between the community and police so that New York’s Finest can best keep our City safe, while maintaining the public’s interest in liberty and dignity, as described by Judge Scheindlin.”

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