Mahavir Jayanti celebrated with fervor

EDISON, NJ (TIP): International Jain Sung (IJS) celebrated this year’s Mahavir Jayanti Program on April 20th with great pomp and show in Edison hotel Raritan center NJ, to commemorate the 2613th Birth Anniversary of Bhagwan Mahavir. Jains from all over NJ participated in the celebration.

Bhagwan Mahavira was said to be born on the 13 day of the rising moon in Chaitra month in 599 B.C. making this year his 2613 birth anniversary, also known as janam kalyanak of Bhagwan Mahavir. The Janam Kalyanak of 24th and the last Trithinkar Bhagwan Mahavir was celebrated with great vigor and enthusiasm by the Jain community with Pooja , blessings from spiritual leaders Jainism messages from dignitaries.

Program included Mahavir Bhagwan Pooja, Namokar Mantra Paath, Rath Yatra, Keynote speakers, Dignitaries and Guests, Essay Competition, Cultural program, Prizes followed by Social hour and lunch. The program started with Poojan where Lord Mahavir was worshiped and prayer was bestowed upon Bhagwan Mahavir with great devotion. This was followed by the Jaap of Namokar Mantra for world peace.

Namokar Mantra is the most auspicious of all the mantras and if chanted with great devotion brings Bliss and happiness and destroys all evil. A grand colorful Yath Yatra (Procession) was taken out on this occasion reflecting the various stories of the 24 Trithankars in Jain religion with resplendent image of the Lord Mahavir in a procession in a chariot by all the devotees. The devotees praised lord Mahavir, singing and dancing with the idol of Mahavir Swami that was established and Abhisheakh ceremony was performed by all. . Upendra J. Chivukula who graced the occasion, expressed his views on Jainism.

Jain children who presented the cultural program

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Chivukula honored International Jain Sangh with”The State of New Jersey Assembly Commendation” to mark the 2613th birth Anniversary of Mahavir Jayanti The commendation read as “That I hereby honor and congratulate the International Jain Sangh, in recognition of its Mahavir Jayanti Program, salute its leaders and staff for their many years of selfless and tireless service to the people of this State, and extend the sincere best wishes for its continued vigor and success’ (pic attached) Key Note speaker at the function was Dr. Manoj Vora, a Jain vegetarian has made the mission to propagate peace and coexistence to all communities and only person from Jain faith who has conquered 7 summits in 7 continents including Mt. Everest in year 2013, enlightened the attendees by sharing his views on how Jain religion helped him achieve his goals and how the power of Namokar mantra brought energy and support in his mission. “IJS award of excellence” at the Mahavir Jayanti celebration program was presented this year to Dr. Manoj Vora, for all his achievements in furthering the cause of Jainism.

Instituted in 2001, the IJS award of Excellence is presented annually to an exceptionally worthy person, who has visibly and verifiably demonstrated a great service to further the teachings of LordMahavir including peace, nonviolence, education, and compassion either by practice or by influencing public policies, The former recipients of this prestigious award are Bawa Jain, Dr. Dhiraj H.Shah, Arvind Vora, Dr. Tansukh Salgia, Pravin K.Shah, Dr. Sulekh Jain; Mahendra and Asha Mehta from Mumbai, and Dr. Sushil Jain Washington, DC A beautiful energetic cultural program was displayed on this event by the Jain children encompassing dances to the tune of bhajans, play and skits, hosted by Shalini Jain, Kids were recognized and presented with trophies for their performance and participation.

Assemblyman Upendra Chivukula presents to the President of the Jain Sangh “The State of New Jersey Assembly Commendation”.

At the beginning of the program a Pledge for Mutual Respect and Nonviolence was taken by the attendees. The president of IJS Alok Jain gave the closing speech. The program ended on friendly, peaceful and devotional note. Jainism has been preached by a succession of twenty-four propagators of faith known as Tirthankaras. Jainism is a beautiful religion originating in India over two millennia ago, built on the principles of nonviolence, working on the self, and realization of multiplicity of truth through our varying perspectives of life. Lord Mahavir worked tirelessly all his life until he reached Nirvana, and then embarked barefoot to spread his message of truth across the great nation of India.

Lord Mahavir practiced and preached environmental protection to safeguard trees, plants and animals for the living. The observation of the nonviolent practices of the Jainis was a major influence on the philosophy of the great Indian leader Mahatma Gandhi. The same principles of nonviolence and respect for life were practiced more recently by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., in the United States, as he led the struggle for civil rights for all Americans. Mahavir’s principles are extremely important today as well. Mahavir or the great soul taught us liberation of soul by right knowledge, right faith and right conduct. We must all bring this into our lives to make this world a better place for our children and grandchildren.

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