Mangano Favors Tax Assessment by Towns and Cities

HICKSVILLW, NY (TIP): “I’m 110 percent supportive of assessment going to them (cities) and would like to get everyone involved in a conversation about it,” Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano said. “We would have to see where everybody is; we would have to work on a plan,” said Mangano, who has criticized Nassau’s assessment system as broken. In an interview, Mangano said he intended to gather town and city representatives and others to discuss whether such a move was possible and whether it would work. Mangano’s comments marked the first time a county executive has said publicly that he would consider moving Nassau toward a system already in place in the rest of New York State. Nassau is the only county that handles assessment for its towns and cities. In 1948, the county’s administrative code was amended so that Nassau would keep any surplus taxes and pay out any refunds.

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