Meet an artist, par excellence Noor Amrohvi the light of literary congregations

“You need just a few sincere friends to make life pleasurable”, says Noor.
In every city, in every era and in every country a high bright star becomes the center of attention of everybody. Yet very few people know this fact that in order to reach that glitter and height, one has to pass through hardships besides waging practical struggle. One of such gifted people equipped with practical and professional traits is Noor Amrohvi, who is a young poet, one of the best Mushairas compere and an excellent speaker. He was born in 1973 in Amroha, (the land known for literary figures) in a literary, religious and business family. Side by side religious education (learning Quran by heart and recitation) he also got worldly education. He has the honor of being a student in Aligarh Muslim University. He secured first division in class XII and attained distinctive position in Adeeb-e- Fazil examination. Besides, from Bombay University he did his Masters in Economics and Urdu along with obtaining the garment designing diploma as part of the professional education. Since his upbringing was done in a literary and educated family, he had a natural liking for Urdu literature. Since his childhood he has been composing and reciting Urdu verses but because of his educational responsibilities, he did not encourage himself in this regard.When he was a grown up person then he headed towards Bombay to discharge his domestic responsibilities. After getting into new world besides fulfilling his professional responsibilities, he decided to quench his thirst for his poetic and literary taste. When he was able to shoulder further responsibilities then his dream to spent his days and nights of youth in Bombay was left half way and he had to travel to Dubai where a very bright future was waiting for him and where an opportunity to serve Urdu were also available. It is said that when he was in Dubai, besides his professional responsibilities he would take part in literary and poetic activities with great zeal. Despite his appointment in an American garment factory on the post of a supervisor, his interest for education and studies continued unabated. But finding him unfit in this frame he became a teacher in a famous English school in Bombay. Noor Amrohvi has seen such difficult times and harrowing hardships in life that most of the people get discouraged and lose their heart in the way. But out of these sufferings and hardships, he gained enormous experience and vision and came out like gold. Amazingly despite all these difficult circumstances he could not disassociate himself from literary activities and social work. He is such a poet of high talent that distinguished personalities like Professor Pirzada Qasim, Professor Nisar Farooqi and John Elia appreciated and praised his unmatched skills and his brilliant achievements. In Dubai he left his foot print wherever he presented his “kalam” , yet in America wherever he went he left his endearing remembrance. Who would have known that this young man who came to Bombay in search of a bright future and them move on to Dubai, would finally land in United States of America and become the glittering tower for literary activities and Urdu culture. In North American city of Dallas in the state of Texas where Noor Amrohvi came to stay, he has to face very strong opposition from various circles. After making arrangement for his living, he started displaying his poetry, the oratorical talent, writing ability and administrative potential. He became the target of criticism from unknown jealous quarters. But due to true passion hard work, diligence, honesty he befriended the opponent currents and his critics started walking along with him. The literary organization and personalities opine that Noor Amrohvi’s compeering is unique and full of logic. As far as his poetry is concerned, it is just like showing lamp to the sun and his humanity and gentleness is superb. He is soft spoken, articulate, embodiment of sincerity and love, humility, and is a model of politeness. Being a businessman and with a poetic temperament, simplicity and mercurial disposition, his friends and partners took advantage and sidelined him. In Radio programs he opts for novelty, innovation and the psychology of the listeners in writing and presenting radio scripts. He presented new and unique programs and therefore a large circle of the desi community is still his admirer.

He is distinguished for starting the tradition of Na’atia Mushairas in Dallas city, being regularly conducted for the last eight years. In these Mushairas besides poets from North America many eminent poets from Indo Pak have already participated. Also under the aegis of the International Noor Academy, he has been organizing for eight years, international Urdu Mushairas and Kavi sammelen” Every celebrated poet from Indo- Pak has participated in theses Mushairas. Now a situation has arrived that the people aspire that Noor Amrohvi should invite them to their Mushairas. His sincere and close friends also help him In organizing the Na’atia international Mushairas which Noor Amrohvi conducts every year,.

Because of his excellent organizational faculties even his opponents started acknowledging his abilities. For his services he is now counted among the outstanding organizers of the best Mushairas in North America. In view of his literary and educational services he received several awards in India, Pakistan, United States and the Gulf countries. But I have observed that when he comes to India he usually avoid gatherings and parties. He comes here quietly and returns quietly.

It usually happens that whenever anyone even a fake person comes from America or other foreign countries, he wants that somebody should conduct a reception for him and that his name should be published in the newspapers. Contrary to that Noor Amrohvi runs away from selfprojection by avoiding the literary meetings and believes that projection is not the accomplishment but to demonstrate excellence of vision and conduct is the real achievement. Despite this, the circle of his friends is so wide that news of his arrival in India spreads like wildfire and then a stream of functions are held in his honor sometime in Bombay, some time in Delhi or a lecture in some educational institutions. It means that a pomegranate is divided into hundred patients.

Amroha is very proud that Noor Amrohvi from his early age has proven his God given capabilities in various domains of life and that his personage has become a model for others. This fact is noteworthy that Noor Amrohvi loves Amroha intensely. Its living example is the suffix of “Amrohvi” with the name. While in America after receiving citizenship, everyone is allowed to change the name; his legal name is still Amrohvi, a fact not known to so many people. In America if the word Amrohvi is attached with anybody’s name he is no one else but Noor Amrohvi. More than that, pleasantly, he has two children aged 6 & 7 and both have their names tagged with Amrohvi and that is also written on their birth certificates. Finally join me in discussing Noor Amrohvi’s poetry.

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Noor Amrohvi has a unique and an inimitable style of composing verse which is certainly a difficult task. These verses indicate that the intellectual maturity of Noor Amrohvi and his multidimensional personality has given more depth and broadness to ghazal. In this age of chaos there are only a few voices like Noor Amrohvi who because of their loud clarion call have established their qualities besides remaining strongly wedded to humanity, gentleness and civility. Noor Amrohvi and poets from Amroha have perfumed and brightened the whole world. Wherever there is Urdu and Indian civilization their name is taken with great respect. It is our prayer that this lamp light should keep glowing

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