Murder Of Sarabjit Singh In Pakistani Jail Widely Condemned

NEW YORK (TIP): Death of Sarabjit Singh as a result of injuries inflicted on him in a brutal attack in Kot Lakhpat Rai jail in Pakistan has evoked strong condemnation from the Indian community across the world. Indian National Overseas Congress (I) USA in a statement said it strongly condemns the murder of the Indian prisoner Sarabjit Singh in the Pakistani Government custody. He died following a vicious assault by fellow prisoners in Kot Lakpat jail in Pakistan. ‘We share the grief of the family and of the nation’ said George Abraham, President of the INOC (I),USA. ‘Civility and the International law that should govern foreign prisoners in custody are thrown out of the window and Pakistan may be in violation of the Geneva protocol in this regard’ the statement added.

It is a barbaric crime and the culprits need to be apprehended and punished to the fullest extent of the law’ said Shudh Prakash Singh, Sr. Vice-President of the INOC (I), USA. ‘Our hearts and minds are with the family and a shocked nation’ the statement added. After almost two decades of mental and torturous agony, Sarabjit Singh allegedly succumbed to the battered wounds he sustained in the jail cell. The governmental authorities cannot absolve itself of responsibility in this incident. “All the hard work of leaders from both countries who try to build bridges of cooperation and understanding hits zero when such indiscriminate acts are allowed to happen that are not only contrary to international law and order but also are highly provocative.” said Harbachan Singh, Acting General Secretary of INOC(I) USA. “When people cannot stop hating others, chances are that hate could begin to grow within them, he lamented. INOC(I) USA expresses its deepest sadness at the terrible tragedy that occurred and joins with all those who mourn the loss of Sarabjit Singh. INOC(I) USA call upon all peace loving people in the world to help ensure that the perpetrators of this tragedy are apprehended and prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

Thomas T Oommen, a leader of the Christian community in the Tri- States area, in a statement said: “Indian Christian community in North America strongly protest the killings of the two Indian prisoners who were imprisoned in Pakistan. We urge the government of India to do a thorough investigation, and find out why the government machinery failed to proactively pursue the demands made by the family of Mr. Sarabjit Singh. This is the second Indian subjected to brutality in Pak jail. Both of them died. Also we request the government to look into the matter of Indian citizens being held in foreign prisons. Fashion designer Anand Jon is in the US prison. We sincerely hope that the death of Mr. Sarabjit Singh will be an eye opener and authorities will take this matter very seriously.” Master Mohinder Singh, a prominent leader of the Sikh community in New York blamed Pakistani authorities for the tragic death of Sarabjit Singh.

He condemned the inaction of government of India in securing Sarabjit Singh’s life which was known to be threatened. He also accused the government of India of discrimination against the Sikh community and consistent denial of justice by craftily protecting those responsible for killings of Sikhs in 1984, as has happened recently when Sajjan Kumar, accused of engineering murder of dozens of Sikhs in Delhi in 1984 was let off the hook. Similarly, the unfair trial and sentencing to death and subsequent denial of mercy petition of Prof. Davinderpaul Singh Bhullar has also led to an uncomfortable feeling in the community the world over and hence the widespread demand for his immediate release. The attitude of government of India on the Sikh issues alienates even the most liberal Sikhs within and outside India.

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