Pace University Celebrates India Day at Indian Consulate

NEW YORK, NY (TIP): The Consul General of India, New York hosted a reception on October 19, 2012 at New India House in recognition of the Pace University, New York, celebrating this day as ‘INDIA DAY’. Guests numbering about 100, comprising of high level officials of the Pace University, members of the Pace Alumni, members of the Indian American community, media persons, officials of the Consulate and others attended the event.

Initiating the program for the evening, Consul (Education), Mr. P. K. Mohanty gave a brief overview of the education sector in India and the recent developments in the India-USA Educational Cooperation. He invited Consul General of India to address the guests on the occasion.

Consul General, Mr. Prabhu Dayal, in his welcome address said, “We are absolutely thrilled to be jointly hosting the festival (India Day) along with Pace University. Celebration of India Day is a huge gesture on the part of Pace and we will do anything to reciprocate this gesture. He said that the celebration of ‘INDIA DAY’ by Pace University was indicative of the close relationship between India and the United States. He recalled Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh’s words that India-US relations were better than ever before and that the best was yet to come. He praised the role of the Indian academic community in USA which has earned a high reputation for excellence while at the same time promoting closer understanding between the two countries.

Speaking on the occasion, Provost of the University, Dr. Uday Sukhatme, thanked the Consul General for hosting the evening reception as a part of the ‘INDIA DAY’ celebration held at Pace. He said that he indeed felt honored in organizing the event at the behest of Prof. Kaushik and thanked his fellow colleagues for their cooperation in making it a success. He briefly described the University’s activities at national and international level and its vision for the future. ” Pace University is well poised to offer internationally focused programs. Pace works with international institutions to promote the best of education”, Mr. Sukhatme said.

Vice President of the University, Ms. Robina Schepp made a presentation on the Pace University’s activities, undergraduate and graduate studies, scholarships, placements etc.

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Others speakers for the evening included Professor Surendra Kaushik, Dean Emeritus, Dr. Richard Ottinger, Trustee Suresh Munshani, Prof Greg Julian and Pace Alumnus, Mr. Rumit Mehta.

The evening concluded with a dinner reception.

(Based on a Press Release issued by the Indian Consulate)

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