Russian prankster claims he called Elton John as Putin

LOS ANGELES (TIP): Legendary musician Elton John’s phone call with Russian President Vladimir Putin has turned out to be a hoax by two TV presenters. Komsomolskaya Pravda, a Russian celebrity prankster known as “Vovan” -whose real name is Vladimir Krasnov – along with his partner, made the prank call to the British singer, playing the roles of Putin and a press secretary, after John said he wanted to meet the Russian President to discuss gay rights in his country.

“We thought Putin wouldn’t want to meet him or call him at least in the nearest future, but it turned out Elton John’s been waiting for such a call. “That’s why he immediately believed we were exactly those whom we introduced ourselves as,” Krasnov said. John thanked the Russian President in his Instagram post that led to a denial from Kremlin.

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