Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting

27 deaths, including 20 children, six adults and the shooter
” The shooter, 24 year old Ryan Lanza was carrying 4 weapons and wore a bulletproof vest.
He shot dead his mother who was a teacher in that school and fired at the children in her class
” Reports indicate that at least 100 rounds were fired

NEWTOWN, CONN (TIP): A lone gunman killed 26 people at an elementary school here, including 20 children, in a terrifying Friday morning shooting spree that rocked this genteel community. The shooter was identified by the Associated Press as Adam Lanza, 20, who was found dead inside Sandy Hook Elementary School of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. At least three weapons were recovered at the scene, including a .223-caliber assault rifle from the back of a car and two semiautomatic handguns found near Lanza. President Barack Obama arrived in Newtown, Conn.

Sunday, 16th afternoon to meet with the parents of the 20 children who were killed along with six other women at an elementary school shooting Friday. The president met privately with the families at Newtown High School, where he was also scheduled to speak at an interfaith vigil to mourn the victims, most of whom were just 6 or 7 years old. Obama also met with the first responders of the incident behind closed doors. As the vigil began, the first responders of the incident received a long standing ovation from attendees as they entered the high school auditorium. In his speech, Obama conceded that no words could match the sorrow of the tragedy that had occurred at Sandy Hook Elementary, but pledged that change must come in the wake of it.

“Newtown, you are not alone,” said the president, according to NBC News. “This job of teaching our children and keeping them safe is something we can only do together.” The demand for stricter gun control is getting louder after the tragic incident at Newton. Many lawmakers who had earlier been against gun control laws have revised their stand and are advocating a gun control mechanism. There is a widespread feeling that it is time the administration came up with legislation to stop guns going freely in to the hands of people. Government of India has expressed sympathy for the victims and their families. Many organizations of Indian Americans too have expressed condolences.

UNITED SIKHS said in their condolence message: “UNITED SIKHS condemns this senseless act of violence in the strongest possible terms. Our hearts go out to the victims and their families. Even the thought of such a catastrophic incident could not be conceived with the holiday season underway – a time to spread love and do charity. With the nation still overcoming the grief of the Wisconsin shootings, this incident has added to the pain.”

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