Shikshayatan celebrates 25th

Committed to promotion of Indian Culture and Heritage

Shikshayatan, a premier institute to promote Indian culture and heritage celebrated its 25th anniversary on July 20 and 21, in the benign presence of a great spiritual master, Satguru Yogiraj Gurunath Siddhanath who had specially come to New York to bless the students, teachers and the management.

The institute was founded by Mrs. Purnima Desai on the auspicious day of Vijayadashmi- on Thursday, October 20,1988 – the day Lord Rama achieved victory over demon king Ravana. Vijaydashmi is also the day when many families start formal education of their kids. Purnima Desai is the Chief Editor and Publisher of “ABHYUDAYA” magazine in Hindi and English for young and adults – mouth piece of Shikshayatan to give opportunity for creative writing and to learn about India. Shikshayatan conducts regular and organized classes to impart knowledge about Indian culture, philosophy, languages such as Sanskrit, Hindi, and music -Classical and light, Vocal, Instrumental music (Harmonium, Keyboard, Tabla, Violin Sitar, Flute) and dance. Purnima herself is an adept vocalist.

She is an excellent educator, a producer of music albums and a motivating teacher. She has run Shikshayatan successfully for the last 25 years and has touched the lives of many students. Her mission is to serve humanity and her vision is to have a full fledged institution to spread Indian art & culture. Pandit Kamal Mishra – music director, vocalist and violinist and a teacher has proved to be an asset to the center. Anand Ramanujam, a reputed tabla performer in Nagpur Doordarshan has recently joined Shikshayatan cultural center.

Shikshayatan has opened its doors to all nationalities to come together for peace , harmony and team spirit. Shikshayatan has celebrated many Indian festivals, birthdays of saints, patriotic leaders and received blessings from spiritual masters like Amma, Sant Morari Bapu, Acharya Mridula Shashtri, Swami Buaji, dignitaries and diplomats – Hillary Clinton, Gary Ackeraman, Dr. Karan Singh etc. Purnima is a highly spiritual lady with a pure heart.

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Her strong desire is to seek the Lord, She developed a strong connection with Satguru Yogiraj Gurunath Siddhanath in whom she saw her God. Yogiraj was so impressed with her devotion that he accepted her invitation to come to Shikshayatan on its 25th anniversary celebration and bless the students and other attendees.

On July 20th, 2013 the program started with Deep Prajvalan by Moksha Priya from Maha Mandaleshwar Maa Yog Shakti Durga Temple. The Cultural Program started with American National Anthem led by Kirti Shukla. Kavita and Sudipta sang Mata Saraswati bhajan “Veena Kar Dhavalaabara”. Shiv Panchaakshari stotram was sung in raag Bhimpalaasi by students Rosa Mori, Kavita and Sudipta. Shivani sang raag khamaj chhota khayaal. Kavita sang raag Tilak Kamod. Sudipta sang raag yaman. Rosa sang Krishna bhajan and Manali sang Meera bhajan.

Little children from age of 6 to 14 years – Shiv Iyer, Sudeep Sureshbabu, Darshan and Ashwin played varieties of Taal from six beats to 16 beats on Tabla accompanied by Kavita Mahabir and Sudipta Sureshbabu on Keyboard. Audience was spell bound seeing children rendering such beautiful presentation.

Renowned Pandit Sujan Rane sang two bhajans, one based on raag yaman and the second one based on raag desh, accompanied by illustrious tabla player Naren Budhakar. Renowned musician Pandit Kamal Mishra sang classical piece raag maalkonsh and won the hearts of many with his unique and melodious performance. His violin recital – raag vihaag- was also much appreciated which was accompanied by famous tabla performer Anand Ramanujam . Smt. Purnima sang Shiva bhajan “Bahati Ganga” with total devotion. This cultural program was followed by the auspicious presence and empowerment by Satguru Yogiraj Gurunath Siddhanath.

Yogiraj Gurunath was born in Gwalior, India on May 10,1944, and is descended from the ancient family of Ikshavaku Rama of the Solar Dynasty. Though he belonged to a royal family, he was a born siddha and went into spontaneous enlightened state from the age of 3. During his long hours in meditation Yogiraj Gurunath has visions of Shiva, Krishna, Rama and Christ. Spiritually realized from a very young age, he cast away his educational responsibilities and fulfilled his calling as a Yogi. Yogiraj Gurunath spent his early years in the Himalayas with the great Nath Yogis in whose presence he was transformed, realizing the unity of all Yogas and religions. Yogiraj’s message to humanity is “EARTH PEACE THROUGH SELF PEACE” and spiritual evolution of consciousness through the divine science of Kundalini Kriya Yoga meditation.

In conveying his message, Yogiraj goes beyond the limited reach of words and offers the grace of direct experience. Yogiraj Gurunath introduced his message to the audience. Every single person could feel his divine presence after performing the breathing exercise on Satguru’s instructions. Audience was allowed to take active part in discussions by asking questions. Guruji says that our true religion is humanity. He says,” Live your life like an incense stick, dissolve yourself to spread the spiritual aroma of peace and joy to others. Live your life like the Sun, explode yourself to give light and life to humanity.”


Satguru was spreading his message of love and divinity and how the powers of a Satguru can heal the wounded souls and bodies. On Purnima’s request, Satgurunath blessed Shikshayatan students by giving “Saraswati” trophies to girls – Shivani, Sudipta, Kavita, Manali, Rosa and Nataraj trophies to boys – Darshan, Shiva, Sudeep, Ashwin. Also awarded were “Bhanu Mani” plaques with titles like Sur Samraat to Pandit Kamala Prasad Mishra, Sur Shiromani to Pandit Suja Rane, Hind Mani to Ramesh Kalicharan, Kaavya Mani to Nina Wahi, Sanchaalak Mani to Dr. Bindeshwari Agrawal, Saahitya Mani to Anjana Roy, Chitrakala Mani to Anand Patole, Taal Shiromani to Naren Budhakar and Anand Ramanujam. “Seva Mani” awards were presented to

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