Spiritual Poetry Symposium (Ruhani Mushaira) Organized

NEW YORK (TIP): Spirituality is the soul of life’s poetry. Not often does one come across an event where these two are celebrated and relished. For the past few years Science of Spirituality in Amityville NY, has been hosting Spiritual Poetry Symposium, “Ruhani Mushaira”. This event is a celebration of the poetry of Darshan Singh (1921-1989), a beacon of spirituality in the 20th century.

An acclaimed mystic poet, master of “Surat Shabd Yoga”, and spiritual teacher of “Sant Mat”, Darshan Singh was conferred with the prestigious Urdu Academy Award for two of his Urdu poetry collections. His various works not only continue to kindle the spirit of oneness among fellow humans but also herald the message of spiritual unity that ties all creation and its various manifestations.

Despite the inclement weather, the event was well attended by renowned Urdu poets, enthusiasts of Urdu poetry and those who follow mystic poetry. “Ruhani Mushaira”, more than anything, was a platform that seeded positive vibes towards cultural understanding, human love and spiritual oneness. There were references to undoing the impact of historic follies that plague many parts of the world and building on the universal love and spiritual unity that binds all.

Audience was enthralled by poets in attendance including Sadarat, Qaseem Bin Nasam Amrohvi, Maulana Rehan Naqvi, Tarlok Singh, Jori Kohli, Hasnain Raza, and Qaseem Bin Nasam Amrohvi. The evening saw the launch of soft-cover collection “Noore- Aqeedat” (Noor: Light, Splendor – Aqeedat: Faith), an anthology of select urdu mystic poetry by Darshan Singh. The book presents a powerhouse selection of Darshan Singh’s poetic gems in Urdu and Roman English.

The spiritually charged evening had a heart-tugging message of universal love, peace and unity. The theme that underlined the whole event, and further accentuated the mystic message of oneness in God, was of tapping inside into the flame of love, living in loving remembrance, and passing through the ups and downs of life with a sense of equanimity. The core behind the teaching and poetry of Darshan Singh and Sant Mat is ethical living, selfless service and the practice of light and sound meditation.

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Celebration of Darshan Singh, his teachings and poetry, is an important initial step in ultimately practicing the principles of universal love, peace and unity. “Ruhani Mushaira” is proving to be a critical step to spread the message of love and in popularizing teachings and practices to attain oneness within and without. Science of Spirituality/Sawan Kirpal Ruhani Mission is a nonprofit, multi-faith organization that provides a forum for people to learn meditation, experience personal transformation, and bring about inner and outer peace and human unity. For more information about the Ruhani Mushaira, and other Science of Spirituality programming please call 516-901-6662; 631- 822-7979 or soshindisatsangny@yahoo.com; www.sos.org.

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