Teeyan da Mela: Festival for women

A Colorful and Enchanting Teeyan Da Mela organized by Hasda Punjab

For those of you who don’t know, teeyan da mela celebrates womanhood. It is an event in the Indian month of Saavan, corresponding to July/August when there are rains when women of all ages get together to welcome the month of rains with song and dance and have a good time together. It is an important part of the Punjabi tradition. A large number of songs have been created to celebrate this festival for women.

In Dallas, two prominent Punjabi organizations recently celebrated with great enthusiasm the event in which large number of women participated. We bring reports here of the two entertaining events from our correspondents Harjeet Singh Dhesi and Amarjeet Singh Dhillon.

Women engaged in household activities

DALLAS (TIP): The local Plano Civic Center was full of activity when the local Punjabi Organization Hasda Punjab celebrated Punjab’s rural festival for women- Teeyan da mela. A large number of women of all ages gathered to sing folk songs associated with the festival and dance to abandon. The cadence of music filled the ears of the listeners who could not help participating in the festivity.

Women in colorful attire created an illusion of a rainbow on earth. The most attractive part of the celebrations was a Gidha dance performance by women. Gidha is a folk dance of Punjab which is performed by a group of women to a set of boliyan- lyrics- depicting the rural life and feelings of love. Time seemed to stop when women performed the Gidha dance. The event became the more enjoyable with the presence at the celebration of the famous singer from Punjab, Satwinder Lovely, who enthralled the audience with her melodious singing.

A group of women sing and dance at the mela

No cultural or social event can be possible to be organized without the support from sponsors. The generous co-operation and support for the event came from a number or organizations and individuals which include Manpreet Walia, Haslet Punjabi Youth, Abbas Insurance Jaspreet Kaur, Surjit Singh Oklahoma, Gursewak Singh, Roger Singh, Hardeep Singh and a few others. (Harjeet Singh Dhesi can be reached at 972-900-4880. Email: dhesiharry@yahoo.com)

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