Unemployment Rate 7.9 Percent In January, Up From 7.8 Percent In December

WASHINGTON (TIP): The householdsurvey showed that the unemployment ratewas 7.9 percent in January, up from 7.8percent in December. The labor forceparticipation rate was unchanged at 63.6percent in January. Over the last 12 months,the unemployment rate has fallen by 0.4percentage point, and the labor forceparticipation rate has been essentiallyunchanged.According to a survey of the Bureau ofLabor Statistics, in January employmentrose notably in retail trade (+32,600),construction (+28,000), health care andsocial assistance (+27,600), professional andbusiness services (+25,000), and restaurantsand bars (+17,100).

Manufacturing gained4,000 jobs in January. The manufacturingsector has added about a half-million jobsover the last three years, the most for anysuch period since 1996. Also of note, in thelast two years the construction sector hasgained nearly 300,000 jobs, with one-third ofthat gain occurring in the last four months.Government lost 9,000 jobs in January,including 5,000 Federal government jobs,and 4,700 jobs in local governmenteducation. The local government educationsector has now lost 339,400 jobs since itsrecent peak in November 2009.

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