Upendra Chivukula Loses by over 51,000 votes in Dist.7- Breaks 100 year old Record

NEW JERSEY (TIP): NJ Assemblyman Upendra Chivukula has created a sort of history by breaking a 100 year old record of losing margin. He lost by over 51,000 votes in Congressional District 7 of New Jersey. No Democrat has in the last 100 years lost election in NJ District 7 with such staggering numbers. “Fools rush in where Angels fear to tread” is a famous quote. Chivukula performed this kind of a feat. No Democrat leader worth the name wanted to run in Dist. 7 for the simple reason that the District was clearly not winnable. On top of it, Chivukula is not a resident of the District. His Party was not willing to provide him financing but he presumed much though of course, the generous souls amongst the community did come up with handsome donations for “our dear Chivukula”. In the end, it has been a love’s labor lost

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