World famous Astrologer Bejan Daruwalla predicts for America

Bejan Daruwalla, one of the best known astrologers of the world, based in Ahmedabad, India is known to have come up with predictions on men and matters that have mostly proved true.

The Indian Panorama carries his predictions regularly and we are happy our readers feel happy that we have introduced Bejan’s column.

Here we bring our readers, on the occasion of America’s Independence Day, Bejan Daruwalla’s predictions for America.

Cancerian country America (Born July 4) will have sinew and muscle power. China will not be able to get better of America. Leo Obama will prove his mettle. For America I take three signs Cancer, Gemini and Sagittarius. The actual mix is my very own. America will lead.

That says it all. I am no God but I think a new and good chapter will be written as mighty Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi will meet super boss of America Obama and something good will come out it. Leave the rest to the God.

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There will be a good change in the situation of the people of America. Moreover more job opportunities will take place. Besides this there will be a lot of positive changes seen in the coming year. Improvement will be seen in the financial position of the people. Obama is a Leo.

Jupiter will be in Leo from July 17, 2014 to August 11, 2015. Ganesha says this will be a great and glorious period for Obama and America. The big bang theory excites me. The God particle will be discovered between 2015 to 2017.The New Age, simply put is all about the Cs — Connection, Communication, Collectivity, Contacts, Creativity, Circulation and Consciouness. Paul Brunton says it all.

“There is peace behind the tumult, goodness behind the evil. Happiness behind the agony.”

Bejan Daruwalla can be reached at
info@bejandaruwalla . His phone
number in India is +919825470377 .

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