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By Mabel Pais

KAMAL AHMED’S Narrative Feature ‘Crash the System’

Shorts from

SNIGDHA KAPOOR’S ‘Look Like You,’ and


And many more

Crash the System (Credit :
Look Like You. (Credit :
Nala. (Credit :

The Festival of Cinema NYC ( returns to the Regal UA Midway (108-22 Queens Blvd. Forest Hills, NY 11375) and the Queens Library at Forest Hills (108-22 Queens Blvd Forest Hills, NY 11375) for its 7th year, August 3-13.

After a pre-launch party inside Resorts World NYC’s famous 360º Bar and Lounge (110-0 Rockaway Blvd, 110-00 Rockaway Blvd, South Ozone Park, NY 11420) on Wednesday, August 3, FOC NYC will screen over 100 independent films from local filmmakers as well as world cinema representing countries that include Turkey, Spain, Denmark, The Philippines, Germany, and more.

New initiatives and presentations include participating in the Theaters Unsilenced Initiative. A nonprofit organization founded by three sisters in Queens whose mission is to spread awareness and provide educational resources and tools to help improve communication with the deaf and hard of hearing community. As part of the initiative, participating filmmakers have added subtitles and captioning to aid in making the festival accessible to individuals with hearing impairment.

The Festival of Cinema NYC Founder and Executive Director Jayson Simba, said, “This year’s edition of the film festival embraces the idea of not simply screening our films and celebrating our filmmakers, but underlining the ‘festival’ in “’film festival’, by emphasizing the connection of filmmaker to audience member via our panels, discussions, and Q&As, focusing on our accessibility, and increasing the interactive nature of FOC NYC.  It always begins and ends with great films, but it becomes special by highlighting why we love to come to the movie theater and the artistic accomplishments of our filmmakers.”



Paris is in Harlem                             

Director: Christina Kallas l USA l 110m

On the eve of New York City’s controversial “No Dancing” Law getting repealed, the lives of several strangers are forever changed by a shooting at a historic jazz bar in Harlem.

Preceded by


Director: Miguel Gallardo l USA l 7m

A woman’s escape to the beach becomes a desperate quest for self-liberation when she’s confronted with an enigmatic force of nature.  As the sun sets, the boundaries between reality and metaphor quickly begin to disappear.



Director: Anna Baumgarten l USA l 96m

After unexpectedly failing her final college class, Jane, an aspiring speech pathologist, retreats home to her parent’s lake house in the hometown she grew up in. Her sister and friends soften the burden of failure, inspiring her to embrace the carefree summer as she tries to sort out what to do next. She also rekindles an old friendship with her neighbor Amber, a single mother with a difficult toddler, utilizing her skills and knowledge to help her connect with her son. Jane, however, fights through PTSD and imposter syndrome as she attempts to piece together what exactly happened in order to unravel the emotional and psychological tangle that has been haunting her as she finds a path forward toward the never-ending process of healing.

Preceded by


Director: John Cappello l USA l 14m

Floppies is an intimate glimpse into the complicated relationship between an artist-son and his dementia-addled father as they attempt to communicate by collaborating on a one page comic. As they bring this comic to life, they recall flashbacks to key moments in each of their lives.


A Guide To Recognizing Your Saints (2006)

Dir: Dito Montiel l USA l 100m

Fire Bones                            

Dirs: Greg Brownderville, Bart Weiss l USA l 90m


Boys at Twenty – World Premiere

Dir: Isaac Dell l USA l 76m

Crash the System                            

Dir: Kamal Ahmed l USA l 75m

An ex-conman unwillingly becomes a pawn to the industrial weapons industry and tries to overthrow them when he meets up with an underground group of saboteurs who are iconoclastic.


Dir: Kurt St.Thomas l USA l 82m

Ghosts of the Void                          

Dir: Jason Miller l USA l 91m

The Goldsmith                                 

Dir: Vincenzo Ricchiuto l Italy l 89m

Good Side of Bad                            

Dir: Alethea Root l USA l 96m

Guy Friends                          

Dir: Jonathan Smith l USA l 84m

Miss Viborg                          

Dir: Marianne Blicher l Denmark l 100m

Sibel’s Silence – North American Premiere

Dir: Aly Yeganeh l France l 95m


Dir: Mars Roberge l USA, Canada l 108m

Tales of Babylon – North American Premiere

Dir: Pelayo De Lario l UK l 126m

There´s No Place Like Home                                   

Dir: Puk Grasten l Denmark l 106m

Waiting for the Light to Change                             

Dir: Linh Tran l USA l 89m

Where Is The Lie?                            

Dir: Quark Henares l Philippines l 87m


Aurora’s Sunrise                              

Dir: Inna Sahakyan l Armenia, Germany, Lithuania l 96m

The Book of Harth                           

Dir: Pierre Guillet l USA l 63m

Copyright Infringement                               

Dir: David Sabshon l USA l 105m

Gotham: The Fall and Rise of New York                           

Dir: Matthew Taylor l USA l 124m

The Unseen Crisis: Vaccine Stories – North American Premiere

You Were Never Told

Dir: Cindy Drukier l Canada l 89m


There are 85 Short films, including

Look Like You                                  

Dir: Snigdha Kapoor l USA l 13m


Dir: Darshan Singh Bhuller l USA l 13m


There are 13 screenplays in the competition.

Festival of Cinema NYC:

Festival of Cinema, Inc. was founded by local independent filmmakers with a passion to get movies made and to expand the reach of artists’ work. Recognizing the challenges filmmakers face in the film industry, the festival’s aim is to establish a presence, and spread awareness, of cinematic creativity. Learn more at

(Mabel Pais writes on The Arts and Entertainment, Social Issues, Education, Cuisine, Health & Wellness, Spirituality, and Business.)

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