Ashley Greene Branded Neighbour From Hell

Ashley Greene – who was left devastated after a fire broke out in her apartment in West Hollywood due to an unattended candle last Friday killing one of her pet pooches ‘Marlo’ – has been accused of being a nightmare neighbour. The Twilight Saga actress’ fellow residents have alleged that the fire accident was tragic but it was a disaster waiting to happen, TMZ reported.

The 26-year-old’s fellow building tenants revealed to the website that they were not surprised by the incident. She invited friends and fellow actors over to her pad at all hours of the day, resulting in the people living below her having trouble sleeping due to the excessive commotion, said some neighbors. On top of that Greene didn”t control her dogs, who were incessant barkers. Residents are thought to have complained to the building”s manager about the star”s behavior, but no action was taken.


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