Burnt | Movie Review

STORY: Chef Adam Jones, rated two stars by Michelin for the culinary marvels served at his old Parisian restaurant, might know his business in the kitchen. But a past drug and alcohol addiction has left him burned. Now in London, he wants to start anew in partnership with an old associate, Tony (Bruhl). After gathering a new team of kitchen expert friends, his aim is now three Michelin stars. But along the way, he must overcome his own personal demons.

BurntMOVIE REVIEW: For a film that’s about the food that a kickass chef is able to dish out, you might wish that there was more about the actual grub. Like, maybe a special dish. Ratatouille was all about that dish. Chef made you salivate. Sure, there are shots of sole being filleted, scallops being diced, shallots caramelizing in a pan, garlic mashed potatoes being whisked and filet mignon steaks browning on a hot plate while being sauced over. But Wells’ Burnt puts the focus on Jones (Cooper) and his tantrum-laden temperament that’s apparently justified by the fact that he can cook better than anybody. His preparations are painstakingly precise (a la Heston Blumenthal) and he aims for nothing short of perfection.

As for the rest of him, he is arrogant, rude (think Gordon Ramsay) and misunderstood. We are told that this can be traced back to a difficult childhood. Fair enough, because Adam finds salvation in the present day. And yes, his performance does evoke emotion.

Enter Helene (Miller), a saucier, who Adam meets (via Tony) and is impressed enough with to triple her salary if she works with him and team, who also comprise Michel (Sy) and Max (Scamarcio). Miller also stands out here, and together with Cooper and Bruhl, takes things up a notch in this tasty treat of a film.

Oh, and we get to watch the perfect omelet being made with just eggs, pepper, salt and butter, for Adam during one interesting sequence, by his rival. You might just feel like treating yourself to a delicious meal after watching this.


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