STORY: Chicago guy Randhir Singh (Sunny Deol) is commitment phobic. New York girl Tiku Verma (Kangana Ranaut) doesn’t believe that she can be happy. Fate brings the two together, challenging the perception they hold about themselves.

REVIEW: Since Tiku’s parents are no more, loneliness gets to her and makes her settle with Ishaan, her wannabe Anglicised douchebag boyfriend. He is high-handed, unreasonable and disrespects her but she makes a compromise, hoping to feel loved and wanted.

Incidentally, on New Year’s Eve as she returns to her apartment, she finds a drunk stranger (Randhir) in her bed! Apparently, Randhir who is all set to marry girlfriend Riya (Tannishtha Chatterjee) after being single for the longest time, gets drunk and accidentally boards the flight to NY.

This hard to believe story gets weirder when his building, flat number in Chicago and even house keys match the ones of Kangana. Terribly Hungover, he enters her house thinking it’s his own and that jeopardises Tiku’s relationship with Ishaan. Randhir tries to mend things but things only escalate further.

The plot tries to touch upon the thought that how one can find solace in the company of complete strangers, who at times end up understanding you more than your loved ones. Randhir and Tiku’s chance encounter, strange bond and mutual admiration which finally culminates into friendship and love is bizarre yet believable.

Kangana is delightful to watch. She did this film before Queen happened, proving she always had it in her. What a performer she is turning out to be. Your heart goes out to her when she tells Randhir “Ishaan pe mat jao, Baaki log meri kaafi izzat karte hai’. Sensible, real, funny…she is your quintessential girl-next-door.

Sunny Deol looks odd for the role he’s cast in but delivers an earnest performance, which helps him sail through.

It’s a pity that certain multiplexes cancelled shows of this film, owing to low occupancy for its actually a decent romcom that you won’t mind watching once. And it doesn’t look stale either.


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