Cast: Woody Allen, Judy Davis, Alec Baldwin, PenelopeCruz, Jesse Eisenberg
Direction: Woody Allen
Genre: Comedy
Duration: 1 hour 52 minutes


When Rome is the place we’re talking about, tales are bound to be plenty, both of those living there, as well as those travelling out there.


Now here is a movie from none other than the maker of the all-time favorite Midnight in Paris, Woody Allen. He not only directs To Rome with Love; he also happens to be the man behind the script (Woody Allenis the writer too)… and he also stars in this movie. And disappoint he does not at least when it comes to his performance. In fact, To Rome with Love scores purely for the huge star cast, and then for the performances put forth by the same cast. The four sub-plots involve

a young small-town Italian couple who arrive in Rome right after their marriage. The duo manages to give you an ample dose of adult humor.

Special mention:

Penelope Cruz who not only looks her glam self, but has the whole of Rome wanting more of Anna (read her).

Then there is a retired opera director (Woody Allen) and his wife ( Judy Davis) who visit Rome to meet their future son-in-law… and eventually end up talent hunting. Now this is the couple that gives you maximum food for thought… and laughter

Next is a famous architect ( Alec Baldwin) who travels down memory lane, literally, courtesy a young architecture student (Jesse Eisenberg) living in Rome, followed by an ordinary citizen of Rome (Roberto Benigni) who one fine morning finds himself as part of the crème de la crème.

Unfortunately, it is the script — too many characters, too many sub plots, too many unexplained fund as /stories– that leaves you rather disappointed. That’s when you realize To Rome with Love is no Woody Allen’s Oscar-winning (Midnight in Paris, Manhattan or Hanna hand her sisters) effort… an effort wherein he managed


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