MOVIE REVIEW | Two Night Stand

MOVIE REVIEW | Two Night Stand

Cast: Analeigh Tipton, Miles Teller, Jessica Szohr, Scott Mescudi, Levin Rambin
Direction: Max Nichols
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Duration: 1 hour 23 minutes

Story: An online encounter between two singletons in New York leads to a one night stand. The morning after isn’t as sweet though and they have a mighty row. But thanks to a huge snowstorm, Megan (Tipton) is forced to stay put in Alec’s (Teller) apartment for a while and the two have no choice but to get better acquainted.

Review: Megan has been unlucky in love, and is newly single. Her roommate Faiza (Szohr) gets busy with her boyfriend one weekend with an extended lovemaking session and Megan has no option but to allow them their privacy. She decides that she’d fancy a bit of some no-strings-attached fun.

Somewhat emboldened after a few glasses of red wine, the plucky Megan settles down on her couch and logs on to a dating site with one purpose in mind – to look for a prospective date who will not creep her out, for a one night stand. Her search is surprisingly quick and she comes across the profile of someone who catches her fancy. Casual banter leads to a video chat and she makes a snap decision to head on over to his apartment.

The awkwardness of the next day quickly degenerates into an argument as Megan feels slighted by something that Alec said upon waking up. He passes a remark which she thinks is a comment on her morals. And just as she leaves in a huff, hoping never to see him again, nature intervenes. Because of the massive snowstorm, nobody can venture outdoors and they’re stuck with one another.

Two Night Stand has the vibe of a reality show and the feel of a play, where most of the action takes place in Alec’s cozy apartment, in two or three rooms. Teller and Tipton both put in some charming performances. Their delightful repartee is quite clearly the movie’s strongest aspect. It keeps you engaged and is often amusing. While the plot is simple enough, this is, in essence, a pretty candid and contemporary take on young love, with its many colourful details.


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