Quality addition to Indian Cinema – RANGITARANGA: Movie Review

Story Line: Gautam, a novelist leads a reclusive life in Ooty. Gautam’s latest novel is titled RangiTaranga, a word which might hold the key to his past. Indu, a soft natured girl, paints the cover pages of all Gautam’s novels. Sandhya, a self proclaimed journalist, is in search of an anonymous writer who goes by the pen name “ANASHKU”. Unforeseen circumstances lead Gautam to Indu’s ancestral home in the village of Kamarottu. Upon his arrival in Kamarottu, he befriends the post master, Kalinga, and the elderly school head master, Shankara. Gautam experiences a lot of strange occurrences and his investigation into these incidents irks the powerful men in the village. Meanwhile, Sandhya’s trail leads her to Kamarottu. And then, the unexpected happens!!!


Nirup Bhandari, who holds the movie and all the charaters around has done neat job for his first venture. Radhika and Avantika’s charaters are backbone of the film. Both have performed well. Anantavelu and Arvind Rao have done a great job in their roles. But it is SaiKumar who steals the show as a post master.

Music and Background score:

Music by Anup Bhandari is soothing. Recreation of ‘denanna denanna’ from the famous 90’s ‘Guddada Bootha’ serial is the best among all.

Background score by Ajaneesh Loknath is what makes the film reach out to audience and the thrilling journey you go through during the movie stays with you for a long time.


Kannada film Industry gets the touch of Hollywood style of cinematography with ‘Rangitaranga’. Lance Kaplan, who has worked in short films like ‘Words’ is the DoP along with our local boy William David. This film proves that India has in itself beautiful locations for any kind of movie.


A promising director has made debut in Kannada Film Industry. Anup Bhandari has also written the script and has taken a big risk to bring such unusual story on screen. The director is successful in keeping the audience glued to their seats before interval. Post interval, the movie becomes a little slow paced with back to back songs. Just when the audience starts feeling bored with too many colorful songs, the director comes back with a bag full of surprises, twists and turns that will eventually reveal the truth.

The movie, overall, is a super thriller and a must watch. It is worth seeing many times and find ourself discovering characters and explore the music and visuals. It is great to see that young directors are coming out from shadows and making quality movies. Hope the trend continues.


– Sourabha B – Movie Critic & An IT Professional @ Bengaluru


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