Shah Rukh Khan proposes to Rekha!

Shah Rukh Khan has numerous times said that he has a childhood crush on senior actress Rekha. In the recently concluded ‘Filmfare Glamour & Style’ Awards ceremony, SRK has yet again proposed to the beauty.

The big moment was when Rekha presented an award to Shah Rukh Khan. For any ’90s kid, watching Shah Rukh receive an award from Rekha is a recurring image from the awards function every year!

For Khan, Rekha ji is his lucky mascot. But SRK had a li’l romantic story to share. Years ago, he had apparently proposed to Rekha jiduring one of the award nights at Mehboob Studios and he is still waiting for an answer. “Everytime I come to receive an award, I hope this lady (Rekha) will marry me.” Rekha playfully chided him and said, “I must talk to Gauri about this!” To this, SRK added, “Yes, you guys must decide who gets to take which bedroom.” Their repartee has always remained one of Filmfare’s highlights and indeed, watching Rekha match up to SRK’s quick-witted replies is a sheer treat!


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