Sonakshi Loses Movie After Fee Hike

According to our source, Sonakshi had not only been confirmed for the Hindi remake of the original Telugu hit, but she had had even taken the signing amount for the movie. As our source says, “Considering that Sonakshi had a hit in Son Of Sardaar and Dabangg 2 was releasing, Sajid Nadiadwala thought it would be great to repeat the Dabangg jodi for his movie too. And hence, he signed her on for his film, with which he’s also making his debut as a director, before the release of Dabangg 2.”

However, it seems the actress decided to up her fee after the release of her second film with Salman. Says our source, “Considering the opening weekend numbers of Dabangg 2, Sonakshi thought she should get paid more for her newest assignments.”

Unfortunately for her, Sajid Nadiadwala didn’t exactly share her enthusiasm. As our informer explains, “While Sajid knows she has become a big star, he felt Sonakshi didn’t really play such an important part in the success of Dabangg 2. So he’s said to have refused to give her an increment above the committed feel.”

The result of this disagreement over money matters saw Sonakshi lose the movie. It is believed that the filmmaker kept his actor-buddy Salman in the loop of these developments and consequently approached Deepika Padukone, never mind if her remuneration is higher than Sonakshi. Our source reasons, “Sajid felt that if he had to pay more to the heroine, then he might as well cast a bigger actress. And since Deepika hasn’t done any film with Salman, this jodi gives the movie an extra fresh touch with such a novel casting.”


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