Sonam Kapoor may be one of the A-lister actresses in Bollywood, but she is not okay with what the female actors get compared to what the men get to make a film. In an interview with Anupama Chopra for Film Companion, the 31-year-old fashionista opened up about the prevailing biasness toward men, saying, “There is a lot of sexism in the society which is disgusting.”

The diva cited the example of fellow actors, John Abraham and Varun Dhawan and the kind of money they got to make ‘Dishoom,’ which she says is “way more than what Kareena and I were getting to make ‘Veere Di Wedding.'”

“We are making Veere and we are getting an OK budget, but we are not getting what we want. I have to cut my fee, Bebo has to cut her fee to get this film there. The film is not elaborate as we imagined. It is sad and heartbreaking. We need to work extra hard to make it look a certain way,” she said.

Even after her hit movies like ‘Neerja,’ ‘Raanjhana,’ Sonam think she still does not get her price as a woman in the industry. “I still am having difficulties getting projects off the floor. The budgets that I need to shoot them properly,” the ‘Aisha’ actress claimed.

“It’s heartbreaking and somebody very wise said ‘Unfortunately, you guys are the change but you are not going to benefit from it. The generation after you are going to benefit from it.’ I am okay with it as long as I get to make my films. I am not here to make money though it would be nice. But I would like my projects to get the money. I am not asking for it,” she added.


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