Jacqueline Fernandez is in Ontario shooting her first international film, James Simpson’s Definition Of Fear. She plays a psychology student–a role similar to the one she essayed in the Salman Khan-starrer Kick earlier. Speaking to Mirror from Canada, she admits that their style of filmmaking is “very different”. “Back in India we are pretty laidback, while these guys work with surgical precision. Right from the reporting time to the duration of breaks, everything is stopwatch perfect,” she points out.While she hasn’t screened Kick for her foreign unit yet, she has shown them two songs from the film, Jumme Ki Raat and Hangover.

“Now my costars want me to teach them Bollywood-style dancing!” she laughs. Her co-stars include “girlfriends” Katherine Barrell, Mercedes Papalia and Blythe Hubbard. In the film, the four go to a secluded cabin in the woods to finish a thesis Jacqueline’s character is working on. “It’s about understanding what makes us afraid. Initially, we are in a controlled environment with noises created to evoke fear, but slowly we realise that we aren’t the only ones there,” says the actress. Usually international film debuts are no more than a blink-andmiss appearances but Jacqueline says hers is a lead role. “Even if it was a cameo, I wouldn’t mind because as an actor, I constantly feel the need to work in new environments,” she says.


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