Won’t Promote Film With Fake MMS, Insists Poonam

For a debutante, Poonam Pandey sure is actively participating in the creation of marketing and promotional strategies for Nasha. In fact, she even turned down a suggestion to circulate a fake MMS clip to promote the film. She feels it would end up having an adverse impact on the film given that it is “an unusual film” and “does not fall into any specific genre.”

She adds, “Though it is the story of a teenager falling for an older woman, there are a lot of finer nuances that translate on screen very beautifully. I am very confident about the concept,” she says. Her first film isn’t out yet and the debutante’s already considering new offers. “I was offered films ever since I hit headlines. But none were up to the mark. It is a little better now. The roles being offered now are interesting and give me a platform to do something different,” she says.


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