NEW DELHI (TIP): When a Punjabi woman is having tea, there’s nothing that can stop her from finishing her cuppa.

So, when Karamjit Sangha, a 49-year-old Punjabi woman in the UK, was threatened by a robber, she unbashedly asked him to wait for her to finish a freshly brewed cup of tea. Sangha owns a News and Booze store in England’s Hull.

When the robber demanded cash from Sangha, holding a 7-inch long knife, Sangha was not terrified. On the contrary, she was as calm as one can possibly be.

And then, not only did she not give him the money, she also managed to scare him away with her chutzpah.

“He told me to give him all the money but I was relaxed. I told him I was having a cup of tea. He demanded I put it down and give him the money. I said ‘OK’ and picked up the craft knife and waved it at him. I wouldn’t have hurt him but it was enough to scare him. He started shaking and then he ran off,” Hull Daily Mail quoted Sangha as saying.

The incident, says the Hull Daily Mail, was recorded on CCTV and the robber was convicted to five years of jail for attempted robbery and possession of knife. After the sentence was delivered, Sangha said, “This sentence is fantastic. Something like this has never happened to me before. But people shouldn’t feel sorry for me, they should feel sorry for him. He just got scared and that was it,” the report quoted her.