Ganesha says my devotee Bejan Daruwalla is cut to the bone. He is truly devastated. He is shattered. The blowing to smithereens of innocent lives, specially children, religious intolerance, violence, are the main causes for it.


Blind, senseless hatred will start lessening and withering and reducing from October 2016 to October 2017, thanks to the relationship of Jupiter, the good guy with Saturn. Your Ganesha devotee takes his stand here. He owes it to himself and to humanity. These words are written on February 3, 2015. May all the Energies go with it? I repeat the fate of the world hinges on Saturn between December 25, 2014 to December 19, 2017.

There is also a very positive side to Saturn in Sagittarius by Western Astrology. Saturn is karma and dharma. Saturn is, ‘Duty, the stern voice of the daughter of God’. By Modern Astrology Saturn is a key planet for universal consciousness. Universal consciousness helps us to evolve and be what we are capable of becoming. Saturn in Sagittarius can launch us to salvation itself is my prediction in the name of Ganesha.

Success in law, foreign affairs, aviation and space research, meditation, yoga, neuroscience, brain, output of genes. Susy is the nickname of Supersymmetry, the Higgs Boson, which will crunch time for humanity’s understanding of the universe. Research into Susy will be made, thanks to Saturn.

Tourism, Pilgrimages, mountaineering, rituals and rites connected with fire and light and explosives, great showmanship in truly practical as well as spiritual matters and a mountain load of money will all go together.

Other salient features for all of us:

1) Narrowness and excessive caution will actually stifle your relationships.

2) Your greatest lesson is to deal with the other’s point of view. Masterkey.

3) Like those with Saturn in Libra, you too will have to deal with the real world, though, in all fairness, you can be idealistic.

4) Communication- gaps will be your undoing.

5) Try not to fight over property matters, as it will make you writhe in agony. Settle it judiciously.

6) Travel with your friend/ mate/ business associate is your best bet to happiness.

7) By December 19, 2017, we should be rid of attack from terrorists and bigots and the self righteous who think that they alone are right and everybody else completely wrong. In short we can expect people to keep an open mind.

Once again I am giving the landmarks of the important years for humanity and extending it a little more at considerable energy and cost. Actually it drains me out.

The other important points start from number 7.

1: 2021, watermark for technology.

2: 2033, important for technology and genetics.

3: 2035-2037, crucial for chemicals and experiments about life and living, Jupiter in Cancer, Saturn in Virgo.

4: 2040, relationships taken to the next level, Jupiter and Saturn in Libra, year marks justice for the whole world .Yes, Ganesha says this is my devotee’s mighty prediction.

5: 2045, another unimaginable breakthrough in technology, space travel, brain mapping, time warp galaxies, Jupiter in Aquarius, Saturn in Sagittarius.

6: 2047, all of the above will be superbly analyzed, organized, methodized, mapped out in complete detail and most importantly put and harnessed to the greatest use for the greatest number of people. It is the high point or the tipping point for the service to the wide cosmos.

7: 2049 is excellent for managing your life intelligently and calculatedly

8: 2053 to 2055 thanks to chemicals and radiation and light. God will introduce himself in a totally unique way. Yes this is my vision. I may be right or wrong

9: Surprisingly enough just as I was writing about this vision the badge with the holy number 786 popped out of my American ephemeris. This has given me conviction and confidence. I cannot explain it logically.

10: From February 2080 to 2090 nature will reveal herself in a totally different way and manner. It is as if nature will be wearing clothes of a different fashion and color. More than this I cannot say.

11: The year 2100 shows Jupiter and Saturn in the sign Libra by Western Astrology. This means poise, balance, equilibrium, joy and above all the beginning of an era of peace and plenty. It also marks a period of remarkable evolution in the next 100 years. This is certainly the limit of my vision as granted to me by my Lord and Master Ganesha. His is the last word.

12: Ganesha says my devotee Bejan has worked his heart out for the prediction that between March 23, 2020 and March 8, 2023 consciousness will win over ignorance, freedom will win over captivity, law and order will win over anarchy, open mind will win over closed mind and narrowness, comfort and security and speed will win over air crashes and pilot errors.

Many truly amazing events will happen. For example, the Ganges will be cleansed. Thought transfers and healing by and through the mind, germ and bacteria free world, devi worship, very surprisingly there could be a cleansing of our mind itself. Artificial implants of new memories, climate control. The secret of having a smooth, delightful, trouble free and joyous relationships will be discovered. That to me is more important than evolution itself. The many layers of consciousness will be explored and laid out before us so that we can choose according to our personal frequencies, layers of knowledge and intuition and finally it could lead to the very existence of God. These predictions will hold true between December 25, 2014 to March 8, 2023. I agree that this is a long shot. But events happen in a chain reaction over a period of time. I admit I am human. All the predictions will certainly not come true. But it is the wish and command of my Lord and Master Ganesha that I should lay my predictions before you.

Special note: Brain hecking, putting on a “thinking cap” to increase brain power, is also another wondrous and awesome technological possibility of our Aquarian age.


Your Ganesha devotee is writing this forecast on March 18, 2015. Putin had simply disappeared for the last 10 days and has surfaced today March 18, 2015. Putin is a Libra. But he is totally unpredictable because of Pluto, the planet of power in Leo, the sign of power. This makes Putin powerful but dogmatic, wilful and ready to play all sorts of games. The next 4 years will mark the end of Putin the politician. Russia however will be able to make some progress economically and socially. Russia has staying power which is perhaps the key to survival and success. Russia under Putin comes under Gemini, Aquarius and Scorpio. Not a very easy time for it. Conditions and strong disciplinary action will take a huge toll. I report it as I see it. Like my great Hanuman I too am humble and submissive. No pretentions to greatness. Russia might have a money squeeze.


As you know dear readers I have met Narendra Modi twice and predicted his premiership. India will go from strength to strength. From September 2015 to December 20, 2017India will be zooming ahead despite terrorism, jealousies within the BJP, Hinduvata and all the fanaticism regarding all the religions. The enemies of Modi will be within his own party. Modi is a man with a vision. At the same time Modi must teach the minister in his party to be open, tolerant and fair minded. Yes our economic situation will improve vastly, the Ganges will be cleansed (I admit that to me also the Ganges is holy and mighty). The common man as well as the industrialists will thrive under the leadership of Modi. At the same time your Ganesha devotee  openly and humbly admits that from December 22, 2017 to March 23, 2020 there could be a complete overhauling of values and power and politics in India. IT IS THIS PERIOD WHICH WILL FINALLY DECIDE THE FUTURE OF INDIA. There may be a complete change in the attitude of the Indians and the way the world looks at India. But the final result will be a mighty powerful India which will take its rightful place in the world. It is during this time that India will definitely be the super power of the world. At the same time India will pay the price for it. I am 83 years old. Nothing comes without a price. It will be spirituality and the tolerance of Indian culture which will finally make India very powerful but very human. I openly admit that all my predictions do not come true. Tolerance is the key.

Ganesha warns that for, both India and America, air crashes, natural calamities, undercover activities, espionage, secret enemies, riots and rebellion could take a heavy toll. This is a nasty and ugly picture. But, there is also, as said earlier a brighter side to it. Both of the predictions are very possible. That’s real life. Life and politics is complicated and convoluted (complex). There are no easy answers. March, June, September and December are the tough and critical months.


Nawaz Shariff is good for Pakistan. This Capricornian is practical and therefore open to reason and has commonsense. Pakistan is a Sagittarian country. The military leader of Pakistan is a Gemini. Around 2017 I see a good future for Pakistan. After 30 long years I had been to Pakistan in 2014, thanks to my patron Byram Avari. I found the people very friendly and hospitable.


Prime Minister Benjamin is a Taurus and Israel is a Taurean country. Therefore he got re – elected recently. Benjamin must learn to let go a little and be flexible. Iran has a new leader in Hussain Rohan. Rohan is a Scorpio the exact opposite of Benjamin who is a Taurean. But I believe given compromise and understanding peace is possible. If I could I would lock both these leaders in a room and tell them very sweetly, do not come out till you have signed a peace treaty. This might be my fantasy. I admit it.

America, Russia, Brazil and Africa: Cancerian country America(Born July 4) will have sinew and muscle power. China will not be able to get better of America. Leo Obama will prove his mettle. For America I take three signs Cancer, Gemini and Sagittarius. The actual mix is my very own. America will lead the world. That says it all. Obama is a Leo. Ganesha says that this will be a great and glorious period for Obama and America. But America will be involved in many skirmishes and attacks by terrorists. Yes America has many enemies. America must never drop its guard. America must always be completely alert. For all its faults and foibles America is the best bet for a safe world.

Brazil and Africa are the surprise packages, not China.Yes strange as it may seem, there is a possibility of a compromise among Afghanistan, USA, Pakistan and India. This may seem like pipe dream. But if the Israeli leader Ben could go to Chancellor Addenhaur of Germany after the holocaust, the Taliban too can sit across the table and come to some sort of understanding. With the given time and the right climate, the impossible can be made possible. This is very possible by 2018, latest. 2017 could well show the way.


I go with my gut feeling. The gut feeling is something like a powerful brain in the stomach. My gut feeling is that the Cancerian German chancellor Merkel has a very important role to play on the chess board of politics. I am convinced that she is a woman of destiny. This is what I have to say to her, “Listen sweetheart, you are more brilliant and powerful than you think and therefore shoot straight and fast. Victory is yours.”


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