Consulate refuses to issue visa for overstaying citizens of India

I am a big fan of your weekly newspaper that keeps Indians tied up to their culture, religion and last but not the least, mother India. Your views have the strength of echoing the walls of Indian Parliament. As and when required, you have risen to even trying to deliver justice to our people living in this country.

I am a social worker who in a small amount does contribute to the service of social cause. Recently some people approached and expressed their woes in renewing or re issue of the expiring passport, as Consulate General’s office have refused to entertain application who have overstayed in USA.

I wonder how it violates provisions of Indian Passport Act. I strongly feel that judging this new policy amounts to contempt of a recent Delhi High Court ruling which adjudicated that it is the right of an Indian citizen to hold passport and to travel.

I have sent an email to our Consulate, which I have attached for your information, and I request your office to do something in the matter at the earliest. Thank you for your attention and time.


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